Friday, March 9, 2007

G-d has a sense of humor

I know I have not posted in quite some time. The depression got a little better, then a little worse, then a little bit more better. And then it just plateaued. I wasn't exactly happy, wasn't exactly hopeless and down. Just sort of existing.

And then I got really really tired, which made sense because of the higher dose of meds. So with my doctor's consent, I adjusted my meds down a bit.

And then I got sick.

Every morning.

So I peed on a stick and it seems now is the time G-d has decided was appropriate to bless us with the likelihood (G-d willing that all goes well) of another child.

Now I don't know what is going on. My emotions are not quite back to where they were before but now I've got hormones running the show. I can't separate what is depression and what is pregnancy.

The doctors all think this is probably why the depression was so severe this time. Normal depression + pregnancy hormones = scary.

By April I will have a whole team working with me: counselor, psychiatrist, obstetrician, OB nurse, primary physician. The plan, since I have the long history of depression and a well documented history of severe postpartum depression, is to stay on the Prozac. It is well tested and the benefits, especially at this dosage, far outweigh the risks. It will be monitored closely after birth, with no hesitations to increase it in order to head off the worst of the PPD. I feel comfortable with this plan.

I have my first OB appointment next week. I am so glad that my strength is slowly returning, even though it is tempered by the pregnancy exhaustion, and I can be alert and involved. I am glad I was not hospitalized for the depression and they didn't try changing up my meds. Who knows what that could have done to a developing embryo.

This all is a big reason why I haven't been blogging much lately. I feel nauseated pretty much all day and all night. I have a package of soda crackers nearby at all times. I have no idea what I'm going to do during Pesach if I'm still having morning/noon/night sickness. I don't know if matzo will accomplish the same thing. I don't know how I'm going to get my house cleaned for Pesach. I have decided I will not be hosting a seder this year. I may be depressed and pregnant, but I'm not a masochist.

On the other hand, G-d willing all goes well, we will be welcoming another life into our family around Sukkot. Talk about welcoming strangers! What an amazing, incredible gift. I am truly blessed.


Ezzie said...

B'sha'a Tova!!!!

A number of people were wondering how you were - glad to see you back. May all go well, with the pregnancy and everything else.

mother in israel said...

Be'shaah tova! I have supported mothers in similar circumstances; let me know if you need help later on. They were careful to nurse so that the baby would not suffer withdrawal symptoms from the medication, and to follow the baby carefully in case of problems (which there weren't). They made sure to get plenty of support at the end of the pregnancy and for the first few months. Resting at the end of pregnancy made a huge difference.

Anonymous said...

B'shaa tova... wishing you much strength, and good health, both physical and mental. I've been thinking about you.

Halfnutcase said...

I just found your blog via RWAC and I wanted to wish you blessing.

I also suffer from bipolar type two, and I only wanted to say something, but I do not know what to say.

I wish I could come up with something encouraging to say.